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Puzzles are a no brainer when it comes to classic toy box essentials. They keep your little ones engaged and learning by developing their motor and problem-solving skills. This screen-free fun is in the shape of their favorite animal, the seal, of course. The best part about our puzzles is that they double as a fun decorative piece for your ocean themed nursery.

Our toys are designed with the highest quality and standards. Your seal jigsaw puzzle is made from ¾" poplar wood. Any colored pieces of your puzzle are dyed by using a non-toxic food coloring. We've finished this piece with mineral oil and made sure it's completely dry before shipping it out of the door of our workshop. Your little one can start playing with this just as quickly as you can get it out of the box.

- Hand-Cut Puzzle Pieces
- Durable Poplar Wood
- Screen-Free Fun!