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Bear Woodworking & Crafts LLC

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Creating family traditions around Christmas is a great way to not only make warm memories with your family but to take the time to remember the birth of our Savior. We've strived to capture the true meaning of everyone's favorite holiday with this 17 piece nativity set.

By using a minimal amount of details on each piece, we allow the rustic beauty of red cedar to truly shine. When the set is fully assembled, you can expect it to sit around 29" wide, making it the perfect centerpiece for your tabletop, shelf, or window display.

The attention to detail we gave this design is unmatched. We hand-cut each part on our scroll saw and promise to use the highest quality aromatic red cedar wood. It takes just a few easy minutes to set up this nativity scene and just about as quick to take it down after the holidays. The stable comes apart into 3 parts for easy storage.

- Sits 29" Wide
- Hand-Cut Nativity Scene
- Great Gift For Christmas!