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How did we get our name Bear Woodworking?


We came up with the name Bear Woodworking because where we lived at in Lake Placid at the time we had a lot of real bears who would visit. You’ll see a few pics below. Also, around the time we built Lily’s toybox which started this crazy journey (as you can read about in a previous blog post) we got a puppy. We wanted to get a bigger type dog for Lily to grow up with. So, we got a Labrador & Bloodhound mix and since we had so many Bears around the neighborhood and we knew he was going to be a big dog we named him Bear. When it was time to start a business officially what else could we call it but Bear Woodworking.

Here’s some pics of real who were in our yard and pictures of our Bear.

Momma Bear and Cubs crossing road just down from our house.

Bear in tree in front yard notice the tag in his ear he's already been a bad boy and was trapped and released. 

Our dog Bear as a puppy we got him on September 11th 2016. Who could resist that face. 

Bear currently being the crazy loveable dog he is and Lily's protector